Halsey Minor on Transforming the Video World with VideoCoin Part 1

What is VideoCoin

But we’ll also spend a lot of money and time trying to seduce developers to come in and build on top of our infrastructure. I think ultimately you should be able to develop video sites like you’d develop websites. I built web publishing software because I knew exactly what I needed to build and that helped everybody else in the industry.

They became the leading publishing company and an 11-billion-dollar company. I left CNET to help John Dylan and then Marc [Benioff] build Salesforce. Marc came to me and I was looking at buying CRM software and saw all the problems in the industry.

Mint your own VIVID NFT now!

VideoCoin Network uses the Blockchain to completely revamp the way to create, store, encode and distribute content. VID has been planned since 2017 but recently its cryptocurrency was launched which aroused the interest of several investors . If you want a more technical introduction to video codecs, this is a great resource. The VideoCoin token presale ended in May 2018, and the token distribution will take place six weeks after its end, in July. This is also when the presale token will be accepted on Inc Cloud and Live Planet.

What is VideoCoin

He was also a Senior Product Manager previously at Cloudera after completing his MBA in Berkeley. Create vibrant, updateable NFT experiences combining multiple media assets of any type. Every NFT minted on the VIVID platform gets up to 32GB of free storage on the Filecoin Network. VIVID’s NFT+ unleashes the ability to create a rich entertainment experience, a dynamic digital collectible, and a living, permanent store of legacy – all crafted as the creator imagines it.

Make it VIVID

Our NFT+ features allow artists to recreate that complete experience and more, combining multiple pieces of media such as album art, audio tracks, lyrics, liner notes, photos, and music videos clips in a single NFT. We partnered with a first-class NFT production studio to combine our technology with experts in design https://www.tokenexus.com/ and marketing. Learn how together Vivid Labs and Mint Werx deliver complete, full-service NFT engagements. Proof-of-stake (PoS) is an algorithm that uses a consensus mechanism for validating transactions on the blockchain. It determines who can validate the next block based on the election between validators.

Similarly, video codecs are basically rules that help you convert “bitstreams” to visible images. Video is stored as an encoded “bitstream”, which is just a series of 1’s and 0’s written to a file. The set of rules that What is VideoCoin determine how to read these 1’s and 0’s and display them as images is known as “codecs”. Devadutta Ghat was the founder and Chief Architect of the Intel Video Transcode Service, the basis for Facebook’s video platform.


Vivid Labs built an app to enable Shopify merchants to mint and sell advanced, multimedia NFTs directly from their Shopify store. Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles is pioneering new pathways to connect and engage with audiences. VIVID Labs delivered the platform and primary storefront for this series of media-rich NFT collections,  based on the characters and stories of the beloved Air Bud kids’ franchise.

Millennials and Generation Xers are leading the trend toward streaming video. 63% of Millennials watch live video, and streaming services put that capability in the palm of their hands. Video begins life in a format unique to the camera or program used to capture your images and sounds. This is typically not the format needed to deliver the video online or play it from another device.

Build the next generation of video applications

It’s what gives our VideoCoin project its reason to exist — a decentralized network that makes video, in all its forms, possible. These video miners can run on data centre servers, household desktop computers or even mobile phones, creating a powerful network of computers which would otherwise go unutilized. VideoCoin incentivizes miners to use such unused resources and provide as much computation power, storage and bandwidth available. VID are revolutionizing the massive video services market.

What is VideoCoin

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